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I wanted the joy and connection of publication to last longer than the period of time the issue was up. And I was so glad — and lucky — to join a team that held those same ideas and has worked so hard to bring them into reality. It has been an absolute joy to share this space with you all: to learn what informs your work, to get to know the people behind names on a screen, and in so many cases, to follow your writing careers from literary journals to books.

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And to experience it in person, to see you in action at our AWP readings, to come together as a group and to hear your words — those moments were nothing short of powerful, and I am truly grateful to have been in those rooms. The Lip Service blog and our author spotlights will continue, though. Archive About Submit. She said that you fell into the river.

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I think part of what she believed was true. You were so young—only thirty-four—and you were trapped inside a body that had turned against you. I know Mum visited you after you went to live in that place, but I never got to come. I wish I had. Perhaps if you saw that I could handle your shadow side, you might have been able to hold on a bit longer. I just wish I could have told you that I still loved you, that I always had and always would.

Now I know. You were broken. Just like me. I know there were days when you were my dad and other days when you became that scary monster lashing out, raging inside and out, lost, alone.

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The look in your eyes stayed with me for years, and I wondered if the look in mine pushed you over the edge. I live with dark despair too. I have seen how it takes over. And knowing that aching loneliness, knowing the ways it haunts, I wish I could go back and hold your hand. I wish I could fight it with you, wish I could smile at you one last time. Just one.


Maybe that would have given you the strength to hold on a little longer. When I was fifteen, a woman in our church was talking to my best friend about the place where you died. She smelled of mothballs and Youth Dew. In my adult years I willed myself to visit that river.

Shadows and silence had nearly killed me. I had to go. I wanted to understand. Some days I feel as if I live on the edge of a razor and could fall off at any moment.

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I wish you could have done this too. I know you understand that. I want to show others how to find strength in the middle of the mess. I think knowing how to do that is a gift, a beautiful miracle straight from God.

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We need a place to show up in our brokenness and still be loved, a safe place where we can come as we are. I used to believe that I was alone in the darkness. I never was. I see it now. He always was my safe place.

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I know, in eternity, that you have. Follow Me! A Personal Note From Sheila.

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