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Thanks to the generosity of a substantial grant from the Montague-Panton Animal Welfare Trust, Ferne Animal Sanctuary has been able to purchase the farm adjacent to the Sanctuary. The acquisition of the farm means Ferne will have an additional 21 acres of grazing land for our Sanctuary animals. With increasing numbers of abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals rescued by the Sanctuary each year, this additional land will provide much-needed grazing space for some of our larger and long-term resident animals.

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There have been several recent outbreaks of Equine Influenza in the UK over the last two months and one recently in Somerset. Symptoms to look out for include: coughing, nasal discharge, elevated temperature and signs which indicate that your horse seems generally unwell. It is also advisable, especially if you take your horses out and about regularly to increase bio security at your yard, including vehicles.

Stick to designated tack, grooming kits and equipment for individual animals. For all of you living and riding in the countryside, please be considerate to owners of horses you may have access to and refrain from petting horses you may encounter along the way ie grazing alongside footpaths. Potentially, this could spread infection to other horses.

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsors, old and new, our larger animals at Ferne will be cosy and well fed with their hay and feed costs covered by local business sponsorship throughout this winter.

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DP Associates, our new Corporate Partner is a local accountancy firm which also offers business advice and a fully personalised, plain-talking service with clear pricing. Local Veterinary Practices, Kingfisher and Isle Valley Equine Clinic are our latest corporate supporters and offer specialist expertise, with Practices in the Somerset area which offer a friendly and excellent service.

With rising care costs year on year, the challenge to finance this work is enormous, and we are reliant and grateful for the amazing support from local businesses and donations and legacies from the public to continue our work. Lots of great news stories about the ongoing work and developments at Ferne Animal Sanctuary, animal care tips, quizzes and lots more in our latest newsletter!

As Winter is fast approaching and the temperatures start dropping, we all have to think about some of our older animals who may struggle through yet another winter. The questions we ourselves are; are they still keeping up with the others? How are the other animals they live with behaving towards them? Are they showing signs of pain? Every one of them is an individual and may or may not cope well with a change to how they are managed. Whatever the decision it has to be the best one for that animal.

The best we can do for them is know when the time is right, for them. If you are struggling with the grief of losing a beloved pet, the Blue Cross operates a wonderful Pet Bereavement Helpline Pets offer us unquestioning friendship, and it is sad when they are abandoned by their owners. By becoming a Friend of Ferne Animal Sanctuary you can return some of that friendship. Almost all the activities are no-prep activities, there are very few with minimal prep work.

Includes: -Farm Animal Concept Web. English Language Arts , Math , Spring. PreK , Kindergarten. Literacy Center Ideas , Math Centers. Allison's Mini Fall Pack! Items included in this pack are: -Signs of fall scavenger hunt -5 different playdough mats to practice numerals -Fall writing prompt -Pumpkin size sequencing -More and less acorn worksheet -Fall count and trace. English Language Arts , Math , Autumn. AR Clip Chart custom order for Allison. Thank you for your business, Allison!

English Language Arts , Reading.

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This customized lesson plan template provides drop-down lists of the Common Core Standards for North Carolina to make selection of standards quick and easy. Requires that Excel has been installed on your computer. Your purchase of this digital resource entitles one teacher to use this template - n. Lesson Plans Individual. This worksheet helps students organize the choices they makes, and has a writing prompt to accompany it where they reflect on the choices they have made, and share what choices may have been better.

History , Writing , Reading Strategies. Teaching Little Allison is a hand-drawn font for personal and commercial use. Preview this product for a full look at this font.

Not Grade Specific. Preschool-KDG Hand. This PDF download is non-editable. All PDF worksheets are designed as a no prep packet.

If you would like a bulk order, please leave me a message and I can create a custom listing for y. Other Specialty , Life Skills , Handwriting. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , Homeschool. Worksheets , Activities , Printables. Custom Escape Room Bundle for Allison. Get students ready to read with this anticipation guide that asks students to consider statements related to the novel before and after they read and agree or disagree with each statement.

This anticipation guide is sure to engage students in a discussion! Balanced Literacy , Reading , Vocabulary. Worksheets , Minilessons , Printables. There are 8 multiple choice questions and 2 short responses. And then as the years went on, I started writing more overtly about animals, and it was just such a natural overlap, to combine those two impulses, considering the space and stations humans and non-human animals are relegated to.

I wanted those poems to do what essays aim to do: try to establish an argument by exploring an idea or a series of ideas that accumulate to some larger question or inquiry. I see the offices in the first section as a symbol of both the human disconnect from and intersection with animal world. How our fates are yoked to the fate of animals. Has caring for your dogs contributed to this outlook in your poems? I think living with dogs for my whole life, and being the kind of person who considers my dogs to absolutely be family, and being aware that not everyone feels that way, and that not everyone has had a bonded relationship with an animal, and that actually so many animals suffer such terrible abuse and neglect at the hand of humans…I think my awareness of that disparity and disconnect, and my awareness of the extreme variability in our human experience with non-human animals informs the poems, and the book in general.

Some are sold by the road like jam like chairs like bonnets.

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How did your veganism help inform this collection? And what were the specific challenges of writing about a subject both so personal and usually divisive? I became vegan in , and I think as I became more informed about veganism and about animal rights initiatives, the lifestyle became more political for me than I expected it to.

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And it just grew harder to avoid having that fundamental layer of my life not become a texture in my poems—basically, veganism is my one conviction; I have no religion, have never had a religion. I believe in kindness and in generosity and in doing no harm. More than I care about creating anything defined, I want to create something felt. That thy misery be known for what it is: vernacular, of an interior sea. Can you talk about what prompted this poem? Well, Elly is was—she passed away in July my shadow. Daisy … is the Fear of Missing Out, embodied.