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By , the DoD and other Federal agencies e.

Specific direction for this can be found in Section of Public Law , the Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year , [4] which required the Secretary of Defense to develop a strategic plan for expanding distance learning initiatives, as well as Executive Order President William J.

Clinton, 12 January More precisely, ADL's work emphasizes the following six areas: [7] [11]. When ADL was established, the use of Learning Management Systems LMSs was increasing rapidly, but the content delivered through those systems remained separated locked into silos.

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For example, while the Navy and Army have standard courses with similar content, that content could not be shared and reused from one service to another because their LMSs would not allow it. SCORM, which integrates a set of related technical standards, specifications, and guidelines designed to meet high-level requirements—accessible, reusable, interoperable, and durable content and systems is arguably one of ADL's most well known projects.

In , ADL recognized the need for a software specification that tracks learning experiences that occur outside of a LMS and a web browser.

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Rustici Software conducted numerous interviews with the e-learning community to determine where improvements needed to be made and developed the research version of the Experience API specification as a result. Click here for unit brief request form. The MLFs include a computer lab and a wide range of military publications and civilian reference materials.

All computers have CAC readers. It is a great place to study, work on college assignments, and complete required Army training. Email Us At: usarmy.

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Several on-site colleges offer courses leading to the award of credentials to include Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees, and certificates. Traditional classroom setting, distance learning, and hybrid classes are available. See our contact info to learn more about our local colleges. There are also many other accredited colleges offering online programs.

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Your education counselor can help you narrow down your choices and decide on a school and degree that works for you. Army e-Learning provides free access to over 5, web-based information technology, business, leadership, and personal development courses. The DDTC is a mobile, networked system of workstations, servers, and ancillary equipment which allows connecting to the worldwide web via satellite communication for just-in-time training.

Project Summary FMS designs, develops, and deploys an integrated force management capability that is establishing accurate, consistent, and timely force structure information to the Army force management community.

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Description FMS is tasked to design, develop, deploy and support the integrated force management system for delivering accurate, consistent and timely force structure information to the Army force management community. This will allow for capability-based force structuring and supports the individual unit identifier paradigm of uniquely tagging all authorizations and organizational structures and relationships with unique enterprise-wide identifiers.

FMS incorporates common software development tools and design and development standards, complying with DoD and Army architecture standards. It provides for browser-based web accessibility, online transaction processing, and online analysis processing capability for users in the community with approved access.

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The integrated system will provide consistent and standardized data, incorporating Government and industry standards for security. The design also provides for online data warehousing of archive data and streamlined system maintenance. Project Summary HR Solutions provides efficient, cost effective, innovative and centralized acquisition management and support services to a wide range of customers.

By facilitating the contract process, HR Solutions serves as a customer advocate while acting as a liaison between the contractor providing the services and the contracting office.

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This service frees customers to perform the mission-critical tasks for which they have been trained and minimizes the amount of time spent managing HR services requirements. Product and Services Through its multi-functional staff and secure web-based portal, HR Solutions assists with full lifecycle contract support and provides services management expertise to HR initiatives that support customers which include commanders, soldiers, and their families at installations throughout the world.

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The entire process, from bid to award, is completed within approximately 90 days, resulting in expedited delivery of critical services. This secure portal organizes documentation throughout the life of the task order. The IMS-A solution to installation management employs five discrete modules to assist commanders to train, equip, deploy, sustain, and transition soldiers. Products and Services Installation Support Modules ISMs consists of four standardized, web-based, custom developed applications packaged into functional modules that integrate day-to-day installation business practices and processes.

The ISM system operates in a web environment that uses a single centralized database to store all module-associated Army data. The web server architecture supports a graphical user interface, web-based user access, and a consolidated infrastructure in compliance with the AKM Strategic Plan.

Data replication almost immediate between two master sites provides for continuity of operations and back-up and recovery. Key ISM customers include commanders, personnel managers, and logistics personnel at installation and higher levels of command throughout the Army.