Blockbuster TV: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era

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Over the several decades since this landmark work, Staiger also attempted to counter determinist historical thinking that places too much emphasis on over-powering systemic conditions. The point that Raymond Williams made in his work was important to her thinking: every historical moment has both its residual and progressive moments.

Thus, she turned to thinking about authorship: theorizing individual agency within this creative industry. The structuralist and materialist critiques of agency do not negate the possibilities of bounded action by individuals; after all, "people also make history. Drawing from Michel Foucault's late work, she has posited that individuals have economic, sociological, and psychological imperatives to "self-fashion" their creative work.


These imperatives work well within the Hollywood system because the system tends to reward innovation within its norms of practice and recognizes self-projection behaviors. Staiger also argued for a more complex analysis of the production of representations as a consequence of Hollywood's production mode.

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In her Bad Women: Regulating Sexuality in Early American Cinema, , Staiger points out that simply conceptualizing Hollywood films as promoting repressive ideologies is very inadequate to the dynamics of how entertainment industries work. Rather, the industry has incentives to sensationalize, for example, women's sexuality.

While such representations may eventually be moralized into appropriate conduct by the end of a film, it is obvious that messages about choice and behavior are also stretched. For instance, women in this period were permitted to be sexual beings; what differentiated them were often the objects of their choice and their behavior in securing their personal interests.

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Meanwhile, Staiger was also one of the earliest film and media scholars to explore reception studies. In The Classical Hollywood Cinema , she and her co-authors pointed out that they were not covering exhibition and reception of these films by their everyday audiences. However, that problem intrigued Staiger. Her solution was to ground herself in the new field of reception studies the work of Jauss, Iser, Fish, and British Cultural Studies. By , she began a series of scholarly presentations and published papers culminating in her book, Interpreting Films: Studies in the Historical Reception of American Cinema.

Blockbuster TV

In these books and articles, Staiger has examined how we understand interpretations produced by everyday audiences. Trying to stress contextual factors and social identities sex, gender, race, sexuality, age , she focused on normal and unusual audience responses i. Search this site. Charles Raymond Watches. Skagen Watch Band.

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Blockbuster TV: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era

Watch X Men 2 Online. The story documents the moral decline of a once esteemed suburban family, whose descent into degeneracy begins with the purchase of a small white rat. A television situation comedy, often shortened to sitcom, is a genre of comedy that features recurring characters in a common environment such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue.

Apple TV is a digital media receiver made and sold by Apple Inc. Archie Bunker. Laverne and Shirley.

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