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The trio spend most of their time lounging around and mooching off Kaoru, who only ever appears as a silhouette in the comics. San-X initially thought Rilakkuma was too gangly, Kondo told Yahoo Japan in , as the stationery producer had a preference for rounder characters with small hands. As far as Rilakkuma is concerned, this strange feeling feels good. In the comic, 'Rilakkuma Seikatsu,' Rilakkuma turns up without much explanation at the home of a female office worker named Kaoru.

Children carry Rilakkuma soft toys to a collaboration event on the River Seine in Paris. A Rilakkuma-themed yoga event in Taiwan in December A Rillakuma souvenir shop is located in Tokyo Skytree. Rilakkuma is dressed as a kabuki actor as part of a tie-up with Kabuki-Bito. Rilakkuma dresses as a Keikyu Corp. A Rilakkuma curry and rice dish served at a collaborative cafe with Tower Records Japan. Denirou named Rilakkuma his character of the year in , predicting that the bear would only get bigger over time.

Kondo told Yahoo Japan in that she believed interest in Rilakkuma grew considerably following a decision to place products of the character in UFO catchers nationwide. From then on, the character has taken on a life of its own. Scores of books starring the bear have been published, while a dozen Rilakkuma retail outlets are now in operation nationwide. A wide variety of brands have produced commercial tie-ups, including with convenience store chain Lawson Inc.

Kondo — who left San-X in the mids and had transferred ownership of the character to her former employer — objected to the move in a now-deleted blog post. This spurred an early Twitter brouhaha. With stop-motion animation, Kobayashi says you have to create every little prop that viewers see on screen and food products can be particularly difficult.

Rilakkuma has already made inroads abroad. So we made the investment and are really thrilled about how it has come together.

Kobayashi joined the production crew as director in June , alongside other employees at stop-motion animation studio Dwarf. I showed her the edited version and video clips. I wanted to see her reaction and how she would react to it. I think she liked it. The team believes it is important to produce a show that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

With stop-motion animation, you have to create every little prop that viewers see on screen and food products can be particularly difficult. However, that process takes a significant amount of time. The production team set up 10 separate stages and filmed on them simultaneously. The team also needed to give Kaoru, an almost invisible character in the original panels, a physical presence in the new series. Kobayashi says Kaoru needed to take on a more leading role in the narrative, basing the storyline around her daily trials and tribulations.

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I wanted to show the duality that exists. Even in the design of the city, it kind of represents the tension between regular life and an office town. Before , characters in Japan were cute and cheerful, avatars of the most basic definition of kawaii cute imaginable. Rilakkuma, however, turned that philosophy on its head.

Sanrio has since brought out Gudetama and Aggretsuko, both of whom have more overtly negative personality traits and have, as a result, been very successful. These new characters seem to be more relevant for a generation who face greater uncertainty in their lives. One Rilakkuma fan posted on a blog in that the secret to the character was how it had been embraced for its healing functions, especially for women working in offices. Karou is what Japan is like, but Rilakkuma is what Japanese people wish they were. This perspective applies to a number of people around the world in Rather, the bear has been created to remind people that taking a little time to relax can actually be time well spent.

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Laid-back origins Illustrator Aki Kondo had always wanted a dog. The idea first came up at Netflix about three years ago, Derderian says. What people wish they were Rilakkuma has almost single-handedly changed the course of Japanese character history. Watch the official trailer for the new Netflix series "Rilakkuma and Kaoru". Filter Categories. Filter - All. A weekend in Kumamoto: Under the volcano smoke. Kumamoto has a bittersweet relationship with its geology. How to climb Mount Fuji: A comprehensive guide. Trainer Chuck Johnson explains what it takes to get a piece The influence of foreign trade runs right through this major port Defining Heisei: A look back at the past 30 years.

A part series counting down to the end of the Heisei Heisei Icons: Influential figures from the Heisei Era. This series explores those who left their imprint along the way. Yokohama's pro baseball team uses stadium to build sports community in A weekend in Shizuoka: More than tea fields. Shizuoka is filled with rural gems secreted among the mountains. Triumph goes hand in hand with heartbreak at prestigious event. Students at Castle Tintagel spend big to engage in armored duels.

Inspired by the monsters, robots and folklore of Japanese culture, creators A weekend in Toyota: Where tech meets tradition. Menu Menu.

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