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This article considers whether Australian medical practitioners should be subject to a more proactive workplace drug testing regime in order to minimise the risk of harm to patients. It first canvasses the history of workplace drug testing in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, before exploring whether there is a need for more proactive drug testing of Australian medical practitioners. It then considers whether workplace drug testing adequately addresses drug-related risks to patient safety, and discusses some of the privacy issues associated with workplace drug testing regimes.

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The article concludes that although an argument can be advanced in favour of a more proactive workplace drug testing regime for all Australian medical practitioners, the implementation of such a regime would be costly and complicated. Although some links exist between the availability of alcohol and density of supply, the findings are not as determinative as one would hope.

That reform is necessary in this area has been universally accepted by scholars, but how is it best to achieve this in a political system that favours liberalisation and deregulation, and an industry that fights against anything that would reduce their market share?

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This article proposes a gradual legalisation of alcohol consumption, backed by parental supervision and education, that balances individual autonomy and development into adulthood against the risks of rapid overexposure to alcohol. People consume vast quantities of energy drinks worldwide.

Yet, energy drinks may cause serious health problems when consumed excessively. Currently, people of any age in Australia can easily purchase energy drinks from any retailer who sells them, including bars, grocery stores, convenience stores and online stores. It discusses the marketing and legal aspects of energy drinks, including the limitations of current energy drink legislation, and argues that Australian governments should regulate the licensing and sale of energy drinks similarly to how they regulate alcohol.

This could significantly decrease the ability and desire of minors to obtain and consume energy drinks and compel those who distribute energy drinks to abide by strict regulations. A commonly prescribed hypnotic, Zolpidem, has been linked to accidental death, driving offences and a very uncommon legal defence — automatism. The deaths and prima facie criminal behaviour that have triggered legal concern and considerable publicity have occurred while the person was in a sleep-like state and apparently acting involuntarily after ingesting the drug.

Australian courts have had a mixed response to these claims, and have closely examined the expert evidence that is essential to establishing the link between the conduct and the medication. Accepting that a connection has been established, in a Victorian Coroner suggested that guidelines issued in Australia should reduce recommended dosages of Zolpidem and increase warnings about adverse effects. However, forensic issues associated with unpredictable, complex sleep-related behaviour triggered by Zolpidem will not be resolved entirely by these changes. Exploration of the legal implications of this conduct is essential as the issue is likely to be of continuing and particular significance in Australia, where reports of adverse effects associated with this hypnotic have been more frequent than in other countries.

This is concerning given that one in five victims of violent crime and one in two victims of rape suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. This research reviews reported criminal law judgments around Australia that mentioned PTSD in the month period between 1 November and 31 October This article suggests that victim PTSD should take a more prominent role in decision-making in the criminal justice system. Collision or Collusion?

A staged crime scene involves deliberate alteration of evidence by the offender to simulate events that did not occur for the purpose of misleading authorities. Staging has received little attention in the medical, legal and criminology literature, and discussions of staged car accidents are almost non-existent — bar a few case studies, no literature exists.

The study examined 16 homicides staged as car accidents. The descriptive analysis examined common staging behaviours, and victim, offender and offence characteristics. Findings indicate staged car accidents present differently than true accidents. They often involve single vehicle, slow speed, downhill scenes, with middle-aged, female victims. Physical damage to vehicles is usually minimal, except for fire damage.

Common offender behaviours include transporting the body to a vehicle, mutilation of the body, arson, and clean up. The results suggest these efforts are often unsophisticated and potentially identifiable to investigators and physicians. Permanent name suppression decisions related to health practitioner disciplinary proceedings can result in debate across various interest groups, including practitioners, the public, the media and complainants themselves. However, there has been no analysis of name suppression patterns, principles and practices in New Zealand since the legislative reforms under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act NZ provided for the combined regulation of 21 health professions and established the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal HPDT to hear and determine charges relating to those professions.

This article reviews health practitioner name suppression debates within New Zealand in light of an exploratory descriptive analysis that was undertaken of published decisions of the HPDT from to The study revealed that just under one-half of all cases involved a permanent name suppression application; amongst these, just over one-third were approved.

While the public interest dominated as the most frequently cited reason to decline name suppression, the most frequent justification for granting name suppression was the health and wellbeing of various individuals. Crude-oil prices snapped a two-session streak of declines after a weekly government report showed a smaller-than-anticipated rise in inventories. The Pelosi-Schiff impeachment show what has gone so badly wrong with Washington. The New York Times runs a misleading story on our tax return.

The GOP reclaimed its supremacy in Can the Democrats come back in ? It has harmed the region and the Palestinian cause. The West can impose sanctions on Communist officials and companies that use slave labor. But the debate it settled had consumed U. Growing frustration with the economic impact of U. The changes, announced Wednesday, concern language describing how companies can voluntarily disclose possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, and what information they are expected to share with prosecutors.

The Trump administration has allowed some U.

The burden of taxing unrealized capital gains will fall on a vastly greater number of people than a wealth tax on the super wealthy. Today, our NATO allies are largely debellicized, and have plundered their defense budgets to fund social welfare programs and pensions. The teacher he uses as an example could obtain an FHA loan with only 3. Federal Reserve officials worried that weakness in manufacturing, trade and business investment could threaten the economic expansion by triggering cutbacks in hiring and consumer spending. A new report of torture by the Chinese regime.

Canadian National Railway is pushing for the government to appoint of an arbitrator to end an impasse in contract negotiations that triggered a strike Tuesday. Carolyn Maloney was elected chairwoman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, making her the first woman to run the panel that oversees the federal government and raising her profile in the impeachment inquiry.

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The House passed legislation requiring the U. Here are the moments that mattered from his six hours of testimony on Wednesday. Gary Jones, the president of the United Auto Workers union, is stepping down amid investigations into his handling of expense reports. Target posted another quarter of rising sales, saying it continues to draw more shoppers and capture spending both in its stores and online. Matthew Lopez has written a play that feels more like a novel. The album is one of the most consistent of his career and also his strongest in over a decade.

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Hedge fund Elliott Management took on Roadrunner Transportation Systems as a fixer-upper when the trucker was struggling financially even while a broad boom in shipping demand was forming that would lift competitors in the freight world. The contractor hired to remodel the George Washington Bridge Bus Station in northern Manhattan is challenging a proposal to auction the lease for , square feet of retail space.

The former chief executive of Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem SA was arrested for his alleged role in what U. A friend of the Dayton, Ohio, gunman has pleaded guilty to federal firearm charges. Ethan Kollie, 24 years old, pleaded guilty to charges that he lied on federal firearms forms and possessed a firearm while using controlled substances, which is a federal offense. Warren is getting personal with billionaires and not in a friendly way and some corporate lobbies are ready to paint this election as an epic battle over the fate of the free market.

In the house of God you have listened to the most solemn, heart-searching truths presented by the servants of God in demonstration of the Spirit.

Lantern Vol. 7 by Bryan Q. Miller (2015, Paperback)

What weight do these solemn appeals have upon your hearts? What influence do they have upon your characters? You will be held responsible for every one of these appeals and warnings. They will rise up in the judgment to condemn those who pursue a life of vanity, levity, and pride. Dear young friends, that which you sow, you will also reap. Now is the sowing time for you. What will the harvest be? What are you sowing?

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Every word you utter, every act you perform, is a seed which will bear good or evil fruit and will result in joy or sorrow to the sower. As is the seed sown, so will be the crop. God has given you great light and many privileges. After this light has been given, after your dangers have been plainly presented before you, the responsibility becomes yours. The manner in which you treat the light that God gives you will turn the scale for happiness or woe. You are shaping your destinies for yourselves. You all have an influence for good or for evil on the minds and characters of others.

And just the influence which you exert is written in the book of records in heaven. An angel is attending you and taking record of your words and actions. When you rise in the morning, do you feel your helplessness and your need of strength from God? If so, angels mark your prayers, and if these prayers have not gone forth out of feigned lips, when you are in danger of unconsciously doing wrong and exerting an influence which will lead others to do wrong, your guardian angel will be by your side, prompting you to a better course, choosing your words for you, and influencing your actions.

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  • If you feel in no danger, and if you offer no prayer for help and strength to resist temptations, you will be sure to go astray; your neglect of duty will be marked in the book of God in heaven, and you will be found wanting in the trying day. There are some around you who have been religiously instructed, and some who have been indulged, petted, flattered, and praised until they have been literally spoiled for practical life.

    I am speaking in regard to persons that I know. Their characters are so warped by indulgence, flattery, and indolence that they are useless for this life. And if useless so far as this life is concerned, what may we hope for that life where all is purity and holiness, and where all have harmonious characters? I have prayed for these persons; I have addressed them personally.

    I could see the influence that they would exert over other minds in leading them to vanity, love of dress, and carelessness in regard to their eternal interests. The only hope for this class is for them to take heed to their ways, humble their proud, vain hearts before God, make confession of their sins, and be converted.