Dont be mean, Buggleton! (Buggleton the Good)

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Rory visits Mathilda and Millicent and their pony Smartie. Smartie is getting a check-up from the vet before heading off for a special swim. Meanwhile, Ferne travels to a zoo to meet Amanda the vet as she examines a coati called Jimmy. Preschool animation about the little monsters who go to the School of Roars. The monsters make blushberry blob cakes with Mr Marrow. They gather magical blushberries from the nature garden, and each of them makes a special wish as they stir the cake mixture.

Will their dreams come true, and will they discover the monster-mazing thing that happens when you eat a blob cake? Preschool observational documentary series. Four-year-old Ottalie lives on a farm. Today she heads out with Dad to count and feed the sheep. It's a foggy day and the sheep are hard to find but they soon appear when they know it's food time. Later, along with little sister Imogen, Ottalie goes on a treasure hunt using a map that Mum made.

Will she find the hidden treasure? Tinga Tinga Tales tells a modern, young audience why animals are as they are. One day Mosquito tells the monkeys that the sun looks very low in the sky. The monkeys worry that the sun will not rise again, and Mosquito spreads the rumour through Tinga Tinga and starts a panic. When the sun rises again, the animals decide to tie a grass around Mosquito's tail.

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From that day on Mosquito buzzes and everyone can swat her away rather than listen to her gossipy tales. Kugelis is a recipe from Lithuania that contains bacon and grated potato. Harry has so many potatoes to grate that he has to get his sister to help him! They both work incredibly hard to prepare the dish, which also uses eggs and spring onions.

Harry cleverly decorates his table using traditional, beautifully coloured Lithuanian sashes. The kugelis is served with sour cream - let's hope Harry's friends love the taste! Lokesh meets a young woman named Sakiko, who is eager to impress her new mother-in-law with a tea ceremony. Sakiko teaches Lokesh that there is more to a tea ceremony than just pouring a cup of tea.

“The Biggleton Place”

Just as everything seems perfect, Sakiko sees she has forgotten her pot! Lokesh goes on an epic quest to retrieve it for her before time runs out. Preschool drama series about a girl who works on her brother's market stall during the summer holidays. When Mack goes missing, Molly decides to become a great detective and with her sidekick Daisy she hunts the Big Hub for clues.

Meanwhile, Mack is searching for Molly! Preschool mixed-media music show. Mum and Melody find a pile of building blocks in the park and decide to have a competition to see who can build the tallest tower, with Fudge being the judge. Melody asks Mum if she has got any 'tower' music.

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  7. Mum gives Melody Toccata and Fugue by Bach to listen to. As Melody sits back and listens to the music, it takes her into a wonderful animation about two giants and a little boy and who can build the tallest tower. Esther the Newsreader is getting ready to read the news but discovers there's no news written down for her to read. She heads into Biggleton to see what news she can find, but there doesn't seem to be much going on. Today the class are making a Chinese dragon, and Timmy wants to be the head. But it's Finlay who gets that honour, which leaves Timmy disappointed until he realises that there's another part of the dragon which is just as much fun - the tail!

    It's a rainy day for a picnic, but when lucky number Seven appears, everything comes up rainbows.

    CBeebies Biggleton Get the Jobs Done - Kids Learning Gameplay 2019

    Learn all about the number 7 with Numberblock Seven. Sula, Pando, Flop and Padget all have a knack, a special thing that only they can do.

    CBeebies HD - Schedules, Friday 20 September

    Bing is frustrated when all his own knacks are easy for everyone else to do too. When Pando accidentally hurts Bing's ear, they are all in for a surprise, as Bing discovers he does have a knack that no-one else can do. The Twirlywoos are watching some children collecting shells on a beach. The Twirlywoos decide they'd like to try collecting shells too - but it's not long before they start collecting lots of other things they find on the beach.

    Then, back on the Big Red Boat, the Twirlywoos get a visit from the Robot, but there's a mishap and the Twirlywoos find themselves collecting all of his nuts, bolts and cogs! Justin has lots of springtime fun with his friends as they visit a farm. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is very busy spring cleaning the house for Aunt Polly!


    Pablo doesn't always like being looked at, so when Mum's friend Fiona draws attention to him, he tries to find a way to make himself invisible. This heart-warming series continues, following a reception class of children as they start school for the very first time. It's been a very busy first term for the children in reception and there's still plenty for the girls and boys to do as the end of term approaches. Sammy and his friends make wintery cards to take home to their families.

    Later, the children make bird feeders. But will the hungry birds spot the feeders once they've been hung up in the trees? At the end of the day, head teacher Mr O'Brien pops into the classroom to thank the children for a fantastic first term at school. Children's dinosaur history series. Andy travels back million years, to the time of diplodocus - a massive metre-long plant-eating dinosaur.

    His mission is to find a dung beetle. Along the way, he witnesses a baby diplodocus emerging from the ground to take its very first steps. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook is reading his favourite comic instead of paying attention to Captain Captain or doing any chores. The Captain angrily threatens to send him to the brig - the place where naughty pirates are locked up if they don't do everything their Captain tells them. Cook pretends to be worried but then goes back to reading his comic. Later on, Cook is still reading his comic instead of slopping out. This pushes the Captain too far, and she commands him to go to the brig as punishment.

    It doesn't have the desired effect, though, as Cook just seems to be relaxing in the brig while Line does all the chores. Cook points out that if Line is naughty then perhaps Captain Captain will send him to the brig, and then he can take it easy too. Animated preschool series. When Egg, the cheeky little chick, goes on the run again, Duggee whistles to get him back.

    Hang on a minute Duggee, what was that noise? A whistle? The Squirrels want to learn how to whistle. Mayor Sho-Po is planning a parade but threatens to call it off when the Blockers cannot play and march together at the same time! Messy, a monster, explores science questions that children ask about the world around us. Messy helps his friends find Zoe's lost communicator, which has ended up in the recycling. Luckily for Zoe, Zim is magnetic! Preschool series about a seven-year-old girl and her troublesome pet triceratops.

    It's a chilly winter's day, and Chloe and her mum are walking Topsy in the park. The poor weather means they want to head home early, but Topsy decides he would rather stay and play longer. After some time flying a kite in the park with his mum and dad, a curious Logan decides he would like to go birdwatching.

    They head over to a wildlife centre to learn how to birdwatch properly, where they are greeted by a park warden who shows them how to use binoculars to see the birds from a safe distance. After exploring the wildlife centre, Logan makes a pine cone to take home and a bird box to hang in his garden for the birds at home. The family finish their exciting day by going birdwatching together at a national park.

    In this episode, CBeebies' very own motorbike rider, Grace, shows off three amazing machines that run on rails!