Food Gurus: 20 People Who Have Changed The Way We Eat and Think About Food

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Research keeps coming in. Two studies published in the journal Science last November found your mix of gut bacteria can influence your response to immunotherapies for cancer treatments. And a new Nigerian study has found that rural and urban infants have extremely different gut flora.

We can change our diet now. Not so, Mosley says. The Clever Guts Diet and accompanying recipe book have been sold in 21 countries — and numerous people have signed up for free to cleverguts. Mosley stresses you should consult a medical professional to identify or rule out these serious conditions.

What happened when I tried Michael Mosley's 'Clever Guts' diet

But could people with IBDs or coeliac disease who already avoid certain foods benefit from eating clever guts-style? Currently, paediatric gastroenterologist Professor Andrew Day is undertaking research with South Island children to pinpoint aspects of IBD, including nutrition and gut bacteria. At the other end of the spectrum, but still interfering with quality of life, is the aforementioned IBS. Then there are food allergies, which cause gut problems.

As for food intolerances such as dairy and gluten, there are no reliable diagnostic tests, so the only approach is to eliminate then reintroduce them. I did know very sugary and fatty foods bloat me, and quickly pad my thighs. But then I found myself sucking the chocolate from around the almonds and furtively disposing of the evidence. Michael sometimes heard the rustling. The only problem is when I find the key.

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Earlier this year, I had a caramel slice then got excruciating cramps. Was it time to look into this again? Still, I procrastinated for weeks before starting. The first phase was keeping a food record and symptoms diary to help identify what triggers my gut symptoms. I dutifully scribbled in it after each meal and snack.

My daily breakfast, porridge, seemed okay.

Why I’ve Finally Stopped Eating Oil

This four-week elimination diet involves avoiding or ideally removing gluten and refined grains, dairy products, most pulses, very fibrous vegetables, some fruits, soy products, processed food, added sugar and alcohol I know, I know. Instead, I ate at least seven portions of fruit and veg a day mainly veg , gluten-free grains like quinoa technically a seed and buckwheat, oily fish, certain fruits, seeds, avocados, and non-dairy fats such as olive oil.

I could sometimes stomach eggs, mushrooms and spinach in the mornings. Roast vegetables with eggs and quinoa, and marinated tofu stir-fry with gluten-free soba noodles became favourite dinners. The first few days were fairly easy. I was prepared and this had novelty and saintliness value. When I had questions, I visited cleverguts. Then it got hard.

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So hard. I dutifully logged my symptoms and feelings. The book advises skipping meals occasionally, but it made me too hangry, so I stopped. The trickiest thing was the time-consuming meal planning and shopping — and cooking different meals. Michael and our four-year-old son were never going to eat eggplant parmigiana nor a phyto salad, though they tolerated the ratatouille and kumara fishcakes. My belly was far less bloated. My bowel motions were normal. The stabbing pains and fetid farts had gone.

Food Gurus: 20 People Who Changed the Way We Eat and Think About Food

Phase two sees you test reactions to different food groups by re-introducing them one at a time, each over three days. The first was gluten. Next up was dairy. I was so reluctant to give up gluten or dairy that I tested both again. Same result. Thankfully, soy and eggs were both fine. Then I introduced fermented probiotic foods. Think sauerkraut and kimchi fermented vegetables , the delicious drink kombucha, apple-cider vinegar, miso soup and live, full-fat yoghurt coconut in my case, given the dairy intolerance.

I had to avoid fermented soft cheeses and the milk drink kefir, but enjoyed everything else. My bloating remained minor. Some people try elimination-and-reintroduction regimes, while others think gluten flares them so avoid it. But take my daughter. She had joint pain, terrible headaches, and doctors could find nothing.

The foul moods — we thought it was being a teenager.

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The bloating — we thought it was hormonal. When she came off gluten, we were quite cynical, but everything improved. Most data suggesting red meat is bad is based on American studies. Still, eating types of fruit and vegetables a week mainly vegetables is absurdly difficult. I managed 13 on my best week.

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I should have tried doing it myself. He agrees the regime is hard to stick to, but says it gets easier. Know your weaknesses and predict your behaviour in different environments. Mosley can empathise.

20 Foods to Eat And Avoid on an Empty Stomach

But I advocate getting as much pleasure as possible out of life. Avocados, quality meat, fish, gluten-free and probiotic foods are expensive, compared to white bread and chips. Mosley bristles at this. The most unexpected people pick it up. I lost 2kg over the first two months of clever guts. Mosley stresses clever guts is a different approach to eating, not a weight-loss diet.

It will catch up with you. Obesity is a major risk factor for diseases including several cancers, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

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He decries conventional recommendations for weight loss.