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Renard remained friends with Lennon for years after that fateful week in suite , meeting up with him in Toronto and calling him on his "magic" phone number.

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Lennon even helped jumpstart her journalism career by calling the Beatles Monthly magazine in Britain and insisting they publish Renard's article on the bed-in. Renard has said a pyjamas-clad Lennon gave her the lyrics himself. Related Links Woman to sell lyrics Lennon gave her at 'bed-in'. Report Error. Texas man's death inside apartment goes unnoticed for three years.

  1. (And why none of the current presidential candidates want to talk about it.)?
  2. Europe and the Mediterranean Economy (Routledge Studies in the European Economy)!
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Stray dog found sheltering five kittens from the cold on Ont. Twitter hashtag PatientsAreNotFaking explodes after viral video. How do we effectively protest against social injustices and war? How do we all come together to stop it?

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John and Yoko did not, of course, put an end to violence. But they thought creatively and courageously about uniting people in opposition to it, and their example can inspire us today. Their Toronto show was a fraction of the size of Woodstock, but Lennon was exhilarated by the experience. He closed his set with the song he most wanted the crowd to hear: Give Peace a Chance.

Almost three months to the day, John and Yoko returned to Canada, this time to announce a music festival to take place outside Toronto in the summer of , billed to be far bigger than Woodstock. President Richard Nixon — did not want to know John Lennon.

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Just a year earlier, he had been convicted on drug possession charges, and posed naked with Yoko on the jacket of their Two Virgins album. None of this stopped Trudeau from agreeing to meet him. From a political point of view, of course, Trudeau undoubtedly recognized that posing with one of the most famous rock stars in the world was an opportunity to boost his popularity among younger voters.

John was nervous when the meeting began but, according to Yoko, Trudeau immediately put him at his ease by telling him that he liked his book presumably either In his Own Write from , or Spaniard in the Works from Their primary topic of conversation was the Cold War. The meeting was supposed to last 15 minutes. It lasted After John and Yoko left Trudeau, they met the media.

(And why none of the current presidential candidates want to talk about it.)

Nine days later, the s were over and a new decade had begun. Lennon, back in London in January, wrote and recorded Instant Karma!

Trudeau, meanwhile, entered his third year as prime minister in April, and by autumn, faced the biggest challenge of his political career with the FLQ crisis and the invoking of the War Measures Act. Within a year of their meeting, peace for both Lennon and Trudeau must have seemed further away than ever.