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The pattern is only available on Amazon Pattern is available in English from: Amazon. For Mother's Day I made a mother with little daughter. They are sitting on a beamy bag.

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When she sits. I made this Card holder as a gift for teacher. I have created a conversion chart for yarn weights and crochet hook sizes. These small and big bobble bags are made from chunky yarn No. I made a small bag in hour.

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They were gift bags for her friends. The pattern include how to make the small bag, big bag and flower decoration for the bag. They are made using single crochet stitch UK: double crochet , half double crochet UK: half treble crochet , double crochet UK: treble crochet and bobble stitch how to make Bobble stitch is explain in the pattern. This pattern is available on: Amazon.

The resulting book you see in the photo. I like the cover, but the quality of the photos in the interior is not good enough. I abandoned Createspace and am trying now to use another printer: Ingram Spark. The first copy for proof reading should be in the mail next week: I hope it will be of good quality. I plan to publish all my patterns as books, but first this book I'm preparing a book with all my Huggy Dolls patterns.

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These are large dolls: 17 inches tall 43 cm. I'm learning Adobe Indesign to format the book. It will take a few weeks more before it is on sale. I made this little cute doll for a leaving teacher. No pattern for this one: did not write it down. I've just published all Huggy Dolls patterns as a book. This is a real paperback book and not an e-book. The book is now available on Amazon. A German edition will be available in August.

This collection of crochet patterns I wrote in They were published as e-books for the Amazon Kindle e-Reader. People without a Kindle asked me often how they could get the patterns. I collected them all together in this pattern book. Learned how to self publish a book and created the cover. This is the first book in a series. After this more will follow: I hope to publish all my patterns in book form. I hope you enjoy these books. This Huggy Denise is made by Stacy Ann. She is cute and charming.

I like the colors. This is one of the pattern in my new book. The pictures below show how to embroider the mouth of a doll. Tilda's Studio: Over 50 fresh projects for you, your home and loved ones by Tone Finnanger Aug 31 Does anyone know the name of the doll, maker, have any pictures or know where I could get one? You may email me at Voyageorge gmail. If you've been using a sewing machine thus far, you'll probably want to hand-stitch the lining on, especially when you do the second side you'll see why when you get up to this point yourself.

Hopefully you will end up with something like this Which you then just need to push down back into the toy This is probably the most difficult part - adding the zipper. Make sure that your zipper is the same length as the opening you made in the toy Steampunk Softies: download here Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded. It was more or less an interactive tape recorder. It was a big, white plastic box almost with the tape player on the left side, a place to place the book, and four large buttons on the bottom that were red, blue, green, and yellow , e.

I had a pizza truck, fire truck, police car, and a candy truck. All simply transformed into small buildings. I am not sure of the name Quick Changers though. I have a small white car, about double the size of a hot wheels car. It was made by Kenner and is white with red stripes on top. The car can be taken apart in the middle ref. So sure enough he reads this book all by himself. Skip to content Ebooks Just another WordPress site. Anyone with information on the name or manufacturer of the toy please contact me at theolsons.

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I know there were graphics on it, but don't recall what they were. Surprise the competition with a soaking stream of water or a big foam missile. Some parrots offer great opportunities for imaginative play.

Sayjai Amigurumi Crochet Patterns ~ K and J Dolls / K and J Publishing

While not as realistic looking as their counterparts, many share the same details and features as the more lifelike ones have. Hello lovelies! I love making amigurumi dolls but i don't have enough patience to make larger ones so i always end up making little amigurumi projects. All the details of your authorship are preserved. This pattern is available in Danish here I've done my very best to explain.

The pattern for my Claptrap amigurumi is an intermediate pattern not recommended for those just starting with crochet. The list below has crochet dolls with different design, big head, long leg, adorable little girl, crochet mini dress or coat for boys, too. Crochet one more leg and change to underwear color when finishing it. We went with a cream colour for the head, limbs and bottom of the shell; white for a tube that would go around the shell; and two shades of one colour for the shell one darker and one lighter , for example dark and light green, or dark and light pink as pictured below.

Amigurumi bear free crochet pattern. Amigurumi Space. For legs wire is more or less the same as with the arms, only that the wire goes in a U-shape, and we must leave a distance between the legs to cross the body as the distance we want to put between the legs , I left about 0'79 inches, about 5 stitches away when sewing legs.

Before you finish sewing the legs in place, make sure to stuff them firmly. Crochet little animals, cute little monsters, your favorite characters and more. In this tutorial I will show how to do it. Thank you for trying this pattern — I hope you enjoy your Amigurumi Turtwig!.

Image and Free Pattern: Lacalledelaabuela Blogspot. Get unique custom handmade just for you on Etsy and a plus you guys all support small business owner!. After all 12 sc, continue onto leg 2 again and sc around. It is really quick and fun to make. For example, you can make the two front legs point slightly toward each other as per the picture. Long-legged amigurumi toys Free crochet pattern. Start with crocheting the legs and then join them, so they smoothly become the body.

My husband says she looks Tim Burton-ish.

Sayjai Amigurumi Crochet Patterns ~ K and J Dolls / K and J Publishing

Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll Pattern One of the things I've really wanted to do with this blog is to share some of my crochet doll patterns with other dollmakers and crocheters. Head and body: 1 6 sc in MR 2 6 inc Sillar at gmail.

You will love this sweet tiny teddy bear amigurumi. He's just that short, stocky, funny looking guy in the video game. This amigurumi legs tutorial is perfect for a variety of cute stuffed animal patterns. Join yarn at the back middle. Leg to Body: Sew the legs in a circle to the bottom of the body. Go to the beach with this Cute Crochet Amigurumi Crab! This crochet toy won't pinch you like the real ones, but it gives you all the fun of the beach without the hassle of sand and saltwater. The outside edge of each leg is attached between body Rounds 11 and 12, right where the red meets the white.