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Impossible who can make himself invisible ; each time Little Miss Naughty tries to do something naughty, Mr. Impossible tweaks her nose and it cures Little Miss Naughty of her naughtiness. Men Show , she kept her purple color and oval body but now had curly pink hair, a dark-fuchsia nose, pink rosy cheeks emphasizing her character trait and her bow was a lighter shade of green. Her catchphrase was, "Sometimes I just can't help myself".

Occasionally, her pranks backfire on her. Little Miss Neat is the 3rd book in the Little Miss series.

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Little Miss Neat is as neat as two pins, and lives in Twopin Cottage. When she goes on holiday, Mr. Muddle comes to visit her empty house. He makes a cup of tea, putting everything back in the wrong place. When Little Miss Neat comes home she can't find anything, and when she sits in a chair she is pricked by forks, knives, and spoons that Mr.

Muddle placed there.

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Hargreaves tells the reader, "I don't think Little Miss Neat will be taking a holiday next year. Do you? Little Miss Prim is part of the Little Miss series. Little Miss Prim is always proper. She is never out of character, and feels lost without her purse. Little Miss Princess is the 34th book in the Little Miss series; the book was published in Spring to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mr Men.

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A very big castle. And Little Miss Princess has lots of people to do things for her. But Little Miss Princess isn't rude and spoiled. She is a kind and generous, good hearted princess. One day, she decides to help an injured Mr. Bump, but as you can imagine, Little Miss Princess isn't used to doing things herself, so everything doesn't quite go to plan. Little Miss Quick is the 23rd book in the Little Miss series. Like Mr. Rush, Little Miss Quick is always in a hurry and did not even have time to finish tying a bow in her hair.

Little Miss Scary is the 31st book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Scary enjoys scaring people, especially Mr. She has not, however, reckoned with Mr. Jelly's friend Mr.

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Men Show , Little Miss Scary kept her looks, except one of her spikes is gone and she is darker red. She is a regular character.

Her house is a haunted house in the middle of the woods. She has a collection of assorted masks which are modified in season two which she uses to scare the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, although they can frighten her as well. She has a scary snore as seen in the episode, "Sleep". Little Miss Scary snorts when she laughs. Little Miss Scatterbrain is the 12th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Scatterbrain is the least intelligent woman in the world — even less intelligent than Mr. Little Miss Scatterbrain was also released as a follow-along audio book, featuring a show-tune-style musical number at the end.

It was published in by E. Interactive SA and developed by Hyptique. Little Miss Show-Off is green; she has a red nose, yellow shoes, blue gloves and a yellow, blue and pink hat. She doesn't like to share anything with anyone. The only thing she ever thinks about is herself. Little Miss Shy is the 9th book in the Little Miss series.

Little Miss Shy is blue with black hair, and has pink cheeks. Little Miss Shy is afraid of everything, and hardly goes out. She grows her own food in the garden. One day she receives an invitation to Mr. Funny's party, and keeps changing her mind about whether or not to go.

Funny arrives and drags her to the party; she has fun and meets Mr. Quiet, who used to be shy like her.


Little Miss Somersault is the 30th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Somersault is incredibly agile. When she goes for a walk, she cartwheels instead.

Instead of going through the front door, she climbs onto the roof first. Instead of sitting in a chair while eating her lunch, she balances on the back of it. She jumps over Mr. Small's house, and talks on the telephone with one leg up. She gets the leaves off Mr. Worry's roof, but he has the ladder. Little Miss Somersault doesn't need a ladder to climb up on the roof.

Skinny paints the roof of his house; Mr. Bump bumps into the ladder causing the paint to spill but Mr. Skinny is rescued by Miss Somersault. The next day, everyone has heard about her daring deeds. Uppity calls her on the phone about the umbrella stuck in the chimney, and expects her in five minutes. It takes no time to climb onto Mr.

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Uppity's roof and get onto the chimney, but she is afraid of heights. Tickle brings Miss Somersault back down, and looks for someone else to tickle.

Someone talks to her on the phone about their hat which has blown off onto the roof, and her face turns pale because she does not want to climb. But it is Mr. Small; relieved, off she somersaults. Little Miss Sparkle is the 37th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Sparkle loves to dance and sparkled when she danced even more. During a week, she lost her sparkle and asks Mr Silly to help. Because of his silliness, she laughed more until she was all better. Little Miss Splendid is the 10th book in the Little Miss series.

Little Miss Splendid lives in a mansion with a golden bathtub, and thinks she is better than everyone else.