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Stiles' strange relationship with Derek is the least of his worries as a new set of Hunters step foot in Beacon Hills.

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The Packs faces new enemies and gains extraordinary allies. When a strange force causes strife, their bonds will be broken or strengthened and their love, tested beyond reason. Werewolves will have to go up against creatures stronger than they. Humans will have to face Demons more powerful and far more cunning than they. Family will prove to be stronger or weaker together. Vanessa is a small town girl different from any other.

She spends her days distracting herself from the fact that her mother abandoned her until one night her life changes and she is introduced to a World Untold to her. Nathaniel, is a male like no other and will do anything to protect and serve his Kingdom. It is his duty to give an heir for the throne, alas Nathaniel does not want a mate and puts duty before love. However, when the Saya of his Race brings her strong will, human daughter into his territory, he has to decide if letting her stay is the safest choice he has ever taken. And must learn the true meaning of Love.

Unbeknownst to what is clawing within her, Vanessa is forced into their world and forced to trust her new-found mother and the King of Shifters. His species interests her but, his Dark grace draws her in. She must now find who she is all over again and face the troubles that hide in the Darkness. Yaz has a desire that only the Doctor can fill, one triggered by a very drastic change.

Vampire AU - vampire! It's not the future Hoseok had seen when he had met this vampire, the first time. He had seen a one-sided attraction, sleepless night to beg the sky to never be abandoned, and countless days where he'd wish for the night to come so only then, Taehyung would come back. But he's here, in this foreign living room too big for two persons.

The Vampire Brothers and The Wolf Sister- Part 1- Gacha Life Mini Movie

And along the place he made himself by Taehyung side, he meets a family. His family. And he lets himself being drown in this magic world, finding there the courage to make a promise that would last his whole life. Sansa is experiencing her first shift change as a werewolf. It's a right a passage for everyone in the Stark Clan.

As for Theon, even though he knows it's not safe to be near her.

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He feels a sudden pull to towards Sansa. Gray's past comes back and bites him, quite literally, and Xavier suddenly finds himself in the company of an old friend or two. Theo is an omega from the Helix Ridge Pack and the son of an Alpha. He's far from perfect with his hot head and ignores all the pity that everyone gives him.

Zhayden is a great warrior and a dominant wolf looking for the perfect submissive mate, when he meets Theo he is in for the surprise of his life. Zhade wants Theo as his own but, also wants him to love him. Now, he will have to unlock the desires he feels for his hot-headed mate. The toll of separation is growing, but maybe it will be worth it in the end. Remus's patience is put to the test, Angelina's strength is called into question. Can they survive long enough to tell each other everything they ever needed to?

If you would like to contact me for any reason, the way to do so is through my email jadders92 hotmail. Rosalyn is a Warrior.

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Very much unlike the aristocratic female that she was raised to be, she prefers to spend her night, fighting for the survival of her species. And she feels like she has found her true purpose on the fields of War. As well as, beside her most beloved friend. The dying human Zacharius David. Zach is suffering from a type of Lung Cancer.

He has his days numbered with Doctor appointments and treatment. Until he comes across the curious and incredible Rosalyn. She is the light of his life when he was sitting in darkness. And he feels bad for bringing her into his sad life. But, he thrusted into the Darkness again.

However, it is different this time and much more powerful. With desires for his Rosalyn growing, he would do anything to protect her. She couldn't shift, and that left her in limbo between the human and I love these books! She couldn't shift, and that left her in limbo between the human and paranormal worlds.

Her struggle was so touching, but what she lacked in sense of self, she made up for with sass!


Ken was every bit the dominant male. I enjoyed reading his devotion to Betty and how he handled being introduced to her wacky way of thinking. The ending was so awesome, and I was SO so happy for both of them!

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This is the second book I've read in this series. Angie and Eoin from that book hang out a lot in this story, and I was so happy that I got to catch up with them!

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I can't wait for more in this series!!! I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review Jun 25, T. Payne rated it it was amazing. We are back in New Port, and this time it's the wolf pack who has a big issue or do they? Pack and family mean everything to Betty but when she had to leave hers due to not being whole wolf, she chose to live as a human. Ryota didn't want to lose his adopted son Ken but if he chose this woman as his forever mate things could get tricky. And no one said love was going to be easy and in this story, you will see they struggle with many things to get to it.

Do they finally have a forever after?

And just what has Dragon Eoin done this time? Well grab your copy and find out. It's wickedly good. I really hope we get more in this series.