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M.N Roy Theory of Radical Humanism in Hindi For UGC NET Political Education Lecture 3 in Hindi

The Bibliograpy of books and articles of M. Roy and his two wives were brought out for the first time. Roy an outstanding Humanist-Revolutionary Philospher had written books from various angles in different phases-Nationalism, Communism and Humanism. Evelyn,the first wife of M. Roy had written few articles and couple of books, in colloboration with her husband. But she was ignored and neglected due to political and personal reasons.

Ellen Roy was a prolific writer who contributed to the spread of humanist movement in India. She edited Radical Humanist Journal. She also preserved the precious speeches of M. Roy in shorthand form. These Bibliographies are useful for Researchers. Evelyn Trent was the first wife of M. She played important role in his early life. She was mentioned as one of the founder member of Exile Indian Communist Party, started at Tashkent during s.

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She adopted the pen name Santhi Devi and contributed articles in Internataional journals run by M. She was stanford graduate, followed M. Roy and married him much against the wishes of her parents. She was in Russia, Mexico, Europe from to Roy deserted her in North only. Roy later. Roy wrote his autobiography but ignored Evelyn which is unfair. Between Charishma and Corruption - A. Politics, Ramarao, matinee idol of Andhra Pradesh came into politics and swept away the established ruling Congress party from power.

He promised clean government and voted to power within 9 months of canvass. A comparitive study of Congress government in Andhra Pradesh and the new regime of N. Ramarao as chief Minister observed. Ramarao adopted saffron dress for a short while, imitated Vivekananda, the monk of Ramakrishna order and attracted people with his promises.

This is between to N T Ramarao as chief minister changed his dress from traditional shirt,pant to Ochre Robe.

Life and career

Later he imitated some monks. But that lasted only few months.

He switched over to normal life and thus proved that he was no different from other politicians in promises and performances. It is a curious factor that people can be cheated for short period to gain votes and power. D Thesis accepted by Osmania University.

An attempt was made the reconcile Freedom with Determinism. Ramamurthy late Humanist, Advocate had written details of the case in deciding the Ph. D Thesis in Osmania University. A mischeous role was played by a devotee of Saint Aurobindo in procrastinating and delaying to confir the degree.

Osmania University had no clear cut rules. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh ordered the university to follow rules and confir the degree based on the examiner reports. Justice Parthasarathy also in his scathing criticism passed remarks against the guide Dr late V. Madhusudan Reddi who played mischief with the scholar.

A radical humanist

All these curious facts were brought out by Mr. Numerous political parties were born and died both before Independence and after Independence in India. All parties are born with some aim and objective, though the main aim is capturing the power. Leaders who differ from others, or who fail to gain key posts in the party also formed different parties.

It was a long list. The political party formation game is still on in India. This covers until only. All political parties aim at gaining power by any means. Chakrabarty, B. Chakrabarty, Bidyut and Rajendra K.

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Let Sanity Prevail

Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. Inspired by revolutionary terrorism, Manvendra Nath Roy — 1 was politically baptised when he was entrusted with the task of receiving a German steamer carrying arms for the revolutionary terrorists.

This attempt to smuggle arms in ships failed and the plan for an armed insurrection against the British was aborted. He tried again to procure arms from China and that also did not succeed. This was however short-lived. As he CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below.