Pure Wisdom: The Simple Things That Transform Everyday Life

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These lessons are invaluable because, as opposed to acquiring specific professional skills that have a single use, they help us live better each and every day. Through the tough times , personal challenges , transition periods, uncertainty, and simply to help us live better and perform more effectively in each moment. I attribute each of these to some measure of either my happiness, success, or ability to navigate the challenges of everyday life.

And while I still have much to learn, this wisdom has made all the difference in my life now and I know it will continue to serve me. Use these as a starting point to experience each lesson in your own life, which is always infinitely more powerful than reading words on a page.

I hope these lessons serve to be as valuable to you as they have been to me. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

We experience things more intensely in our mind than they actually are in real life. Think about it, how many things have ever turned out as bad as you thought they would? Sure, there will be exceptions. Remember this and it will help you manage your challenges mentally better moving forward. The single most important thing in your entire life are the people closest to you.

Who these people are is different for each of us, but the effect is the same. Without these people, we lose all sense of meaning and purpose in our life. Am I spending enough time with them and truly being present for them?

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The routine of daily life gives us the sense that life will go on forever exactly as it is. The result is that we make endless excuses to do tomorrow what should be done today. The good news is, this is one mental hurdle which is relatively easy to get over. When you notice something that you just keep putting off, take a minute to drop everything, shut your mind off, and just do it. This will develop the habit of taking action and help you fight procrastination over time. Most of us live out our daily life distracted and anxious at every turn.

Rarely, if ever, do we stop to smell or appreciate the beauty of a flower, enjoy silence, or take time to truly be present for our loved ones.

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By doing so, we learn to live more fully in each moment and rid ourselves of the persistent stress and anxiety so much of us suffer from. Becoming more present in your daily life is incredibly easy, just pick one point to focus on in any given moment this can be a person, thing, or process like your breathing and allow yourself to become more keenly aware of it.

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Pure Wisdom: The Simple Things That Transform Everyday Life

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