Radical Thoughts & Empowering Perspectives

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In radical social work the use of diverse, creative skills is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The objective is to use our social work skills and knowledge in order to support the victims of an unequal system but also create the conditions that will lead to the creation of a socially just society.

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New radicalism in social work has been based on five main pillars: democracy, empathy, militancy, anti-oppressiveness and structural practice. Join the Social Care Network to read more pieces like this. Follow us on Twitter GdnSocialCare and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest social care news and views.

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Take a look at our quick guides to attachment theory and motivational interviewing Join the Social Care Network to read more pieces like this. Topics Social Care Network social care network: practice hub. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.

Natural reproduction is neither in women's best interests nor in those of the children produced. This group of feminists sees femaleness as empowering and therefore believe women should embrace the values traditionally associated with femininity such as community, sharing, and body to name a few.

An Anthology of Radical Thoughts & Empowering Perspectives

To take this power from a woman and put it in the hands of doctors and scientists via reproductive technologies is to strip women of our power and to continue to make us vulnerable to men's power. Radical-cultural feminists theorize that women's oppression is not caused by female biology and reproductive possibilities but rather by men's jealousy of women's reproductive abilities and their desire to control them through new reproductive technologies.

Michelle Stanworth discusses what she thinks of reproductive technologies,. By removing eggs and embryos from some women and implanting them in others, medical practitioners will gain control over motherhood itself.

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Motherhood as a unified biological process will be effectively deconstructed: in place of 'mother' there will be ovarian mothers who supply eggs, uterine mothers who give birth to children and, presumably, social mothers who raise them. Through the eventual development of artificial wombs, the capacity will arise to make biological mothers redundant. Whether or not women are eliminated, or merely reduced to the level of reproductive prostitutes, the object and effect of the emergent technologies is to deconstruct motherhood and to destroy the claim to reproduction that is the foundation of women's identity.

The trauma is not the point… It is healing it and seeing the flip side that is the point.

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Sorry if that sounds radical. But sometimes we spend too much time trying to feel sorry for ourselves, and really minimize how powerful we are. That is actually the point of attraction you need to cultivate in order to heal. You do not have to forget what hurt you, or limited you, or exploited you. Thanks… Goodbye. Here is a good example that comes my way often. People feel like they have heaviness on them.

Maybe a curse. So they want spiritual cleansing. Because it helps to clear away the debris so the real healing can begin. Like washing the walls before you paint them. But, most people come with a feeling of being vicimized. They want spiritual cleansing… And then they want it to be completely over.

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Never to deal with it again. Experience conflicts, challenges and criticism simply just rock the purpose of your business every time! I get up everyday to work for this purpose and to see challenges and expect much more from everything I do and from others as well, because I need to raise the bar every time I can. This is an approach to stop bad habits that can help to achieve personal purpose and goals, explore new ways of seeing and connecting things or change an actual situation.

It aims to unravel the usual ways of doing things and behaves, focusing on how to shift to long-lasting change. Workshops ideation and facilitation for a design team alone, with stakeholders, or with end users. Whether it is to scope a project in which design thinking plays a role, or to deliver key artifacts such as customer journeys, service ecosystems, prototypes, service blueprints, or to seed creativity and new ways of thinking and doing. Faciltation of design sprints 2.

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This includes preparation, facilitation and iteration sprint before to go for the final development phase. Deep customer understanding Through applying different research methods, a deeper understanding of customers can be easily achieved. And through tools and visualizations such as personas, journey mapping, system mapping, richer insights are gained.

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